Fresh Herb Tinctures

Fresh Herb Tinctures

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These are small batch tinctures made from fresh herbs which have been home cultivated naturally, without chemicals. The alcohol base is organic grape alcohol, which contains no grains and is naturally gluten free.

The following herbs are available:

California Poppy (Escholzia californica) Aerial Parts - 60% Alcohol

Calendula (Calendula officinalis) Flowerheads - 80% Alcohol

Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) Flower - 60% Alcohol

Elderflower (Sambucus nigra) - 60% Alcohol

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) Leaf - 80% Alcohol

Sage (Salvia officinalis) Leaf - 80% Alcohol

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) Aerial Parts - 60% Alcohol

Wormwood (Artemisia absynthium) 80% Alcohol


-Comes in a 1 fl oz amber glass bottle with dropper.

-All herbal extracts are macerated for at least one moon cycle (approximately 30 days) for potency.

-Bottles containing herbal extracts have been sterilized and sealed with plastic shrink wrap, please do not use the product if it has been removed or tampered with.

-Label is made from EarthFirst PLA, a fully compostable/ biodegradable material made from annually renewable plants.

-Alcohol-based extracts may last 3-5 years if stored in a cool place out of light (like a cabinet).



All information provided about the herbs used is for educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or illnesses.

Please check for allergies to ingredients in the products, and follow instructions. Chickadee Apothecary, LLC is not responsible for the improper use, reactions, or results of how you use this product. Please do appropriate research and understand the effects, contraindications, dosage, etc. about the listed product before you purchase or use it. This is especially important if you are ill, pregnant, or nursing, administering it to children, or the elderly. If you are taking medications or other herbal supplements/remedies, please consult your physician about adding herbals to your health regimen.

Please do not hesitate to message me with questions or comments, and thank you for understanding!

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