Cramp Bark Glycerite

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Helps to ease muscle tension and painful cramping.

Cramp bark is excellent for relieving muscle tension and painful cramping. It works wonderfully to relax painful uterine cramps during menstruation.

Cramp Bark is an antispasmodic, which relaxes muscles. It's also slightly sedating and relaxing, which are properties similar to the herb Valerian, but cramp bark is specific to the reproductive system.

Usage: Adults take 30-40 drops orally at first sign of cramps. Continue this dosage every half hour until an effect is noticed.

Ingredients: Extractives of *Cramp Bark (Viburnum opulus), 100% natural vegetable glycerin, distilled water

*Certified Organic Ingredient

Note: Cramp Bark is very safe, but If taken frequently in very large amounts, Cramp Bark has been reported to cause nausea and diarrhea in some rare cases. Do not use if you have a sensitivity to aspirin.


-Comes in a 2 fl oz amber glass bottle with dropper.

-Prepared using sealed simmer method at 1:5 ratio

-Bottles containing herbal extracts have been sterilized and sealed with plastic shrink wrap, please do not use the product if it has been removed or tampered with.

-Label is made from EarthFirst PLA, a fully compostable/ biodegradable material made from annually renewable plants.

-Please refrigerate and use within 1 year.



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