All Purpose Healing Salve

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This salve is a must-have for your herbal first aid kit!

Hand crafted with organic Calendula, Comfrey, and St. John's wort, this "do-it-all" salve can help nourish and repair dry and cracked skin, heal scrapes, bruises, and superficial burns such as sunburn. St Johns Wort is also a time-tested remedy for nerve pain. This salve contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties... and its safe for kids and adults!

What can you use the All-Purpose Healing Salve for?

Our household uses this salve as a natural "neosporin" for little injuries, and on healing wounds to reduce the likelihood of scarring. If you are a gardener, or have a job that is really hard on your hands, this salve is excellent at keeping them soft and protected (but use sparingly on hands during the day time as the beeswax will make them feel slippery). It can also be used to prevent/reduce stretch marks while the belly grows during pregnancy. This salve is also great for hikers and outdoorsy folks! Bruised, blistered, and banged up feet will appreciate the love.

Due to the amazing cell-regenerative properties of Comfrey leaf, this salve should not be used on very deep cuts or puncture wounds as the surface layers of skin may heal over too quickly.

~Crafted with organic herbs and the utmost loving care!~


-Comes in a 2oz tin