Mission Statement & Sustainability Practices

At Chickadee Apothecary health and wellness are top priority. This includes the health of humans, non-humans, and the environment in which we all live.

Chickadee Apothecary has very high standards regarding environmental and social responsibility. In my personal life I strive to be as low-impact and sustainable as possible, and this applies to my business as well. Afterall, we share our earth-mother's health.

Considerations for your health:
  • Organic & Natural Ingredients- Most of the herbs and essential oils are certified organic, and the other ingredients are 100% natural.
  • Minimal Plastic- It's potentially hazardous to humans due to toxic chemical leaching. These chemicals have been shown to alter hormones, and it has been reported by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that 93% of people tested had BPA, a chemical in plastic, in their urine. Scary stuff.
  • Everything Hand Made- A factory doesn't make these products, I do. They are made mindfully, with love, and the best intentions put in.
  • No Harmful Chemicals- These products do NOT contain: Parabens, Artificial fragrance, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), DEA, MEA, TEA, Propelyne Glycol, Formeldehyde, Artificial Colors, or many other harmful chemicals seen in products today (beauty or otherwise).
Animal health:
  • No Animal Testing- Unlike many large companies, I don't test on animals. All products are tested on myself, and my friends (willingly!). I also do my best to purchase from companies who share these same values.
  • All products are 100% vegetarian. The products without beeswax are vegan.
  • Minimal Plastic- Again, using minimal plastic, (which hopefully you will reuse or recycle) affects animal life. Birds and fish get caught in soda packaging, but more often the plastic is actually ingested by animals. They can't break it down, so it clogs their intestines, while simultaneously releasing toxic chemicals into their bodies. BPA in plastic has been shown to cause sterility and other reproductive problems for animals, and impair development in crustaceans and amphibians.
The environment: The land is our life. Without it, we all die. If her health suffers, ours does as well.
  • Certified Organic & All Natural - What we ingest or apply to our skin goes back into the environment, so it's not just our own health we are affecting by using toxic products. Harmful chemicals can taint water supplies, making people sick, possibly even killing or mutating other species such as fish.
  • By now, many of us are aware of the problem with plastic. Most of it ends up in the dump, and doesn't degrade for decades. Meanwhile it is leaching toxic chemicals which can spread into groundwater. It is also often ingested by marine life, and pollutes beaches. Many majestic natural areas are now littered with trash like plastic soda bottles.
  • Most Chickadee Apothecary product packaging is recyclable or compostable. Just peel off the labels and follow your area's recycling procedures for paper, plastic, glass, and metal.
    • Tea bags are made of 100% recycled natural unbleached paper that is at least 25% post consumer content, BPA free corn-based PLA liner. After removing the tin tie the bag can be composted. If thrown in the trash, it will still biodegrade at the rate of paper.
    • Tins can be washed and reused or recycled. Some people have asked why I don't use plastic lip balm tubes, and the reason is simply that I detest plastic more than I enjoy the convenience!
    • Glass jars can be reused or recycled. Just remove the under-cap seal and wash. Recycle amber glass bottles and the glass portion of their droppers as well.
    • Bulk herbs are shipped in Minigrip® Greenline™ Biodegradable Bags

Other efforts made to reduce environmental impact:

During product production I strive to create minimal waste. I recycle everything possible, and compost all organic material. Most paper products used are made from recycled materials, some 100% post-consumer. Most packing materials such as peanuts, paper, bubble wrap, boxes, etc. are reused. Disposable products are rarely used.


By supporting this business you are supporting the independent spirit, encouraging the spread of health and wellness to others, and helping keep the ancient wisdom of herbal healing alive. With the use and appreciation of these wonderful healing plants comes more assurance of their survival, and ours in turn.

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