Hello there, and welcome.

My name is Tessa and I'm a folk herbalist, urban permaculturalist, bird enthusiast, and lover of wild places. I'm also the proud owner of Chickadee Apothecary, a Portland Oregon-based small business specializing in natural and organic herbal wellness products such as teas, extracts, salves, and bath & body wares.

I'd like to share with you a little of who I am, and what inspired me to follow this path.

At a young age I developed a passion for fitness and nutrition, and thanks to familial influence I've always had a strong calling toward medicine. However, it wasn't until I moved to the Pacific Northwest and fell in love with the woodland botanicals that I moved beyond simple kitchen remedies and began seriously studying plant medicine. Rather than follow the path of conventional medicine like my mother, paternal grandfather, and several others in my family, I drew inspiration from an older source; one that felt more holistic and better suited to my intuitive (and perhaps eccentric) nature: traditional folk medicine. I was particularly inspired by my maternal great grandmother who was a healer in her rural community in Brazil, as well as my great-great grandmother who held the wisdom of indigenous plant medicines of central Brazil. These profound reconnections inspired me to learn more about the folk methods of my Northern European ancestors as well. However, for environmental reasons, I choose to work with plants native to or naturalized in North America, rather than those that rely on importation.

The primary goal of my work is to help people achieve wellness of body, mind, and spirit through the assistance of our botanical allies. On a larger scale, I also believe that herbalism can play a role in environmental preservation and restoration. Those who have been touched by plant medicine recognize it's importance, and are more inclined to help protect the plants and ecosystems in which they live.

Working with plant medicine opened a door to a deep healing in my own life, and I am honored to share that with others.

Be well,

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