Tinctures (Alcohol Extracts)

Liquid herbal extracts are an easy, and convenient way to take herbal supplements. Chickadee Apothecary carries both alcohol extracts, known as tinctures, as well as alcohol-free glycerin extracts, known as glycerites.

Alcohol-based extracts tend to be the most effective at drawing out a wide range of herbal properties, as well as being the most shelf-stable preparation.

Glycerites, however, tend to be more gentle and better suited for children and pets, as well as being more appropriate for adults choosing to avoid alcohol for any number of reasons. Find Chickadee Apothecary glycerites here.

Below, you will find a range of tinctures made from dried or fresh plant material macerated in organic cane alcohol. Crafted in small batches with special care and attention.

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