Ditch That Disposable & Shave Straight (Part 1)

Posted on March 03, 2014 | 1 comment

Welcome to "Eliminate Waste From You Life, Bathroom Edition"!

Years ago, during a purge of unnecessary bathroom junk, it dawned on me that alongside feminine hygiene disposables, my hair removal tools and products were some of the most environmentally unfriendly products in my possession.

How many disposable razors end up in landfills for a practice that isn't necessary or particularly life-enriching? Your numerical guess is as good as mine, but another acceptable answer is, "Too many". Ditching the can of foam shaving cream for a natural product with recyclable packaging was easy enough; however the search for an alternative to plastic disposable razors yielded only two viable options: the straight razor or none at all.

Visions of Old West barber shops came to mind, but for some reason I wasn't able to give this idea any serious consideration. Perhaps it seemed too dangerous.


Razor & Strop

Unable to find an appealing alternative, I decided to stop shaving altogether.

Thankfully I received very little grief about my decision, a definite perk of living in a progressive city like Portland, Oregon. What had begun as an environmental concern transformed into a statement against conventional beauty practices for women. Feeling confident in a more "natural state" was a liberating experience, and actually made me feel more beautiful, womanly, and undomesticated.

Two years later I stumbled across an old razor, and out of curiosity shaved my legs. Admittedly the softness was quite enjoyable! So once again I sought out resources for straight razor shaving, and much to my surprise there seemed to be an increased interest in this "lost art", specifically for environmental reasons!

Still, I wasn't completely satisfied with the information regarding women's shaving needs. So for those of us who want complete hairlessness or just the occasional hairless body part (perhaps during summer months), I will be documenting my experience to encourage others to take up this more environmentally-friendly alternative to disposables.

A Few Reasons To Straight Shave:

1. Reduce Environmental Impact - A blade you can hone over and over will eliminate unnecessary plastic and metal waste from landfills.

2. Save Money - After the initial cost of the razor and accessories, all you will need is the occasional shave soap refill.

3. Get A Superior Shave - It's a skill that takes practice, but people are convinced that it will give the best shave possible, and actually improves the look of your skin due to an exfoliating action.

4. Look Cool - There is an undeniable "cool" factor in removing your hair with a sharp and potentially dangerous blade. Just like Grandpappy.


I've ditched disposables and won't look back, so if straight shaving doesn't work for me, I'll happily sport the natural look.

Read part 2 here!

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