The Myth of Separation

Posted on March 31, 2012 | 0 comments
"We have to get beyond the artificial division we've created between the human community and the rest of the planet. There is only one community, and it lives and dies as a unit. Any harm done to the natural world diminishes the human world, because the human world depends on the natural world not only for its physical supplies, but for its psychic development and fulfillment. This is most important, because people talk about the need to destroy the natural world in order to advance the human world. Well, anything that diminishes the wonder and fulfillment we receive from the natural world spoils the human enterprise. We may get a pile of possessions, but it won't mean much if we can't go to the mountains or seacoast, or enjoy the songs of birds or the sights and scents of flowers. What does it do to our children when they cannot enjoy such things?" -Thomas Berry, quoted by Derrick Jensen in Endgame Volume II: Resistance
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